Smarthome Redesign

The task was to redesign the smarthome device which we have recently in our university. The challenge was to use only four different inputs. A big problem about the device was the interface. It was so interleaved that after like an hour of testing we still didn't know all of the functions. We took only the necessary functions so the user wouldn't be flooded with information. After a lot of different concepts and variations we decided to develop a round interface.

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We tried to make a device interface as minimalistic and simple as possible. Therefore, we have created a round surface with only one main element displayed at the same time. The next screens on the left or right side are already being handled by the next circle in which another main function is located. To get there, all you have to do is turn the outer ring of our Smarthome device. When the user turns the outer ring of the device, he reaches the next function, by pressing it comes in the settings of the function. If there was a way to dim like in the bright settings, the outer ring would be drawn and slowly filled with the opacity.

interface setup
interface setup


It was a special challenge to create a well-rounded interface. There was no round display on the market with such a size and quality that we can draw on. So we decided to do a back projection with a pocket projector. The four different inputs were detected by two potentiometers. In the end, we got four different key outputs from the potentiometer, so we could build a working prototype based on key input into the Framer.

Below you can test my Framer prototype. Click on the interface and navigate with the four keystrokes on the right. It is important that you do not click on the interface itself, otherwise you will have to return and try again

interface setup