winamp redesign

by Anika Sierra Eifert, Alex Gottschalk, Arthur Farger & Lennart Schiffers

In application design, we decided to redesign winamp. We wanted to make the interface more user-friendly and give winamp a new concept. Because Winamp's last update was from 2013, it was time to revive Winamp. Our main goal was to create a music player that will let you connect all your different music services.

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Would not it be easier to listen to music if you could search from all the music services at the same time? That's the problem of the music player in our view

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In the service interface, you can configure your music services. The user can log in to a new music service and pick up important news about the services. If you go from there to the next screen, it becomes clear to us that it is important for the user to have control over all his subscribers and costs so that we can show him how much he currently pays and what service he uses and how often. Our main focus was on the services as they are an important part for the user.

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